How to Apply

TUFF SRC Inflatable Boat Paint is applied in two simple steps.

  1. Preparation
    1. Before attempting to apply any paint, it is absolutely critical that the surfaces be properly cleaned.
  2. Basecoat
    1. Paint or Spray
  3. Topcoat
    1. Paint or Spray

How Much Do I Need?
A  TUFF SRC Kit contains one quart of Basecoat and one quart of Topcoat.   This will cover approximately 40-60 sq ft per quart for Basecoat and 60-80 for Topcoat.

For an 8 foot inflatable, you will need 1 “complete kit” to do the pontoons only. To cover the pontoons and the floor, you will need 1 extra quart of basecoat in addition to the 1 “kit” you will require to do the pontoons.

For a 9 – 14 foot inflatable you will need 2 Kits to do the pontoons only.

For a 15 – 17 foot inflatable you will need 3 Kits to do the pontoons only.

For an 18 – 21 foot inflatable you will need 4  Kits to do the pontoons only.

As boat length increases the tube diameter and the overall surface area increases which increases the area to be painted. Therefore more paint must be ordered.

Basecoat is the most important component for covering rough areas, chafed areas, pinholes, etc, to build up the sealing/protective layer. Topcoat is the finishing layer to bring it to a beautiful appearance. This is why more Basecoat is required for example when doing the floor (on non RIB boats) or when boat length increases.

If in doubt about your needs, especially if your boat is in rough shape with patches and chafed areas to cover, etc, you should order additional paint as you do not want to get part way through your project and run out.

Both TUFF SRC Basecoat and TUFF SRC Topcoat will last over a year of shelf life so this offers you a quantity to have in case you require extra for repairs, touch-ups, etc in the future.


Renew, Restore, Protect your Inflatable Boat with TUFF SRC.

Restore Your Inflatable Boat to New Condition

TUFF SRCTM Inflatable Boat Repair Kit restores, renews and protects all Hypalon inflatables in just two coats.

Before restoring a damaged inflatable boat
after using TUFF SRC to restore an inflatable boat

Thousands of satisfied TUFF SRC customers have made their worn out Avon, Bombard, Caribe, Quicksilver, SeaEagle and Zodiac, inflatables completely seaworthy again.

Simply apply the Basecoat and then your Topcoat color. Your Hypalon inflatable is good as new!

Tuff SRC Works great on PVC too!

The results are remarkable.

Your tired, worn and leaking dinghy will look as good as new. TUFF SRC istwo-partart inflatable boat paint that is applied directly to the worn PVC or Hypalon fabric. Thats correct. If you can paint you can restore your worn out, UV damaged inflatable boat with TUFF SRC boat coatings.

We are convinced there is nothing like this anywhere.

So before you throw out that worn out inflatable boat – try TUFF SRC to renew, protect and restore your dinghy back to life.

TUFF SRC apply paint your inflatable to new condition

If you can paint, you can use TUFF SRC

In order to restore your inflatable boat, you don’t have to know anything about a whole lot of stuff, except how to paint.  Applying TUFF SRC is that simple.

Of course, you have to prepare your surface first, making sure it’s clean. But that’s no big deal.

Using TUFF SRC, almost anyone can take a worn inflatable Hypalon boat and make it look like new again.  Read our customer testimonials to learn how some have saved their boat and their money.


TUFF SRC can save you thousands of dollars!

TUFF SRC can restore virtually any kind of damage yoHypalonlon inflatable boat may have suffered.

Now you may think that a product that unique, and that good, must be very expensive.  Not at all! TUFF SRC costs you a fraction of what it would cost to buy a new inflatable boat.

Sure, you could go out and buy one of those great new Zodiac inflatable boats, or Bombard tenders, or Avon RIBs, but you don’t want to take out a bank loan, or go into debt, just to enjoy your life. Enjoying life shouldn’t be expensive. And it doesn’t have to be!  With TUFF SRC you can restore your tired and worn boat to near-new condition.