ECO-TUFF RENEW is a one part waterborne acrylic vinyl product that achieves much of what TUFFCOAT original does with half the work and at a lower cost.

After many years in the lab Synergy has come up with an eco friendly water based product. Brand new technology combined with years of testing produced a product that Synergy is proud to say meets the criteria for a simpler restoration product for boats that need to be freshened up.

Our TUFFCOAT Xylene solvent based product that is the industry standard for inflatable repair and restoration is still the answer for projects that are more challenging..

thumb_tuff-renewECO-TUFF RENEW – can renew and protect your inflatable by adding a layer of strong that bonds directly with your existing surface.

Simply paint the reconstructive ECO-TUFF over your existing material to restore the protective surface. ECO-TUFF covers exposed and worn fabric and protects from harmful UV damage.

Renew your old deteriorating inflatable into a new looking boat. Add years of pleasure to your investment with ECO-TUFF waterborne acrylic vinyl ECO-TUFF Inflatable Boat Renew.

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